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「Lumière」( acting )

きのう 会ったばかりの 皆さまのことなら、ほんとうは もうずっと前から よく知っていたような気がする。そう 本気で感じさせてくれた 撮影・制作・音楽チーム。

co-work, connection, combination, vulnerable, strongest, a hope behind despairs, encouragement, promising, bye-bye, See you later, “Though I just met you yesterday, I feel I’ve known you for such a long distant time”,
these are the words come across my mind after working with this very company.

I thank you all so very much. See you later !


Directed by Masako Nakagawa
Based on a story written by Jun Okamoto
Costume by Jun Okamoto 2015-16 Autumn & Winter
Stylist – “yoppy” Yohei Yoshida
Hairmake – Mai Ozawa
Director of Photography – Masako Nakagawa
First Camera – Masako Nakagawa
Second Camera – Andrew Yujiro Suzuki
First Camera Assistant – Daisuke Miyagi
Second Camera Assistant – Kohei Yamaji
Sound – Yuji Katsumata
Production Assistant – Orika Uchiumi
Grip – Ayako Yamaguchi
Title – Johann Meunier
Editor – Masako Nakagawa
Assistant Editor – Andrew Yujiro Suzuki, Daisuke Miyagi
Technical Adviser – Yuji Katsumata

Starring – Rie Miyamoto, Toshimitsu Kokido

Music by haruka nakamura 光 for Lumière feat. April Lee